Black Panther Party: 55th anniversary since founded in Oakland

Bay Area

(KRON) — It has been 55 years since the founding of the Black Panther Party in the East Bay.

This weekend, the community has planned many events in Oakland to celebrate the legacy that laid down the groundwork for racial justice and equity.

Fredrika Newton said she is proud of the work that has been done by Huey Newton and so many others to liberate African Americans.

While helping to advance the rights for all minorities facing adversity here in the United States for that matter.

She hopes that younger generations recognize the sacrifices the people who came before them made for significant change happen.

The revolutionary Black Panther Party for self-defense was founded in October 1966 in Oakland by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale who met at Lake Merritt College.

The organization centered on Black nationalism and socialism but worked to create an even playing field for people of all colors and backgrounds who were marginalized and targeted by police.

Fifty-five years later, the Oakland community is reflecting back on the legacy of the Black Panthers who paved the way for freedom, employment, decent housing, proper education, an end to incarceration and worldwide war, particularly the Vietnam War at the time.

His widow Frederika Newton who met Huey as a member of the party at 19-years-old is grateful to the festivities taking place this weekend in honor of the Black Panther movement.

Celebrations will be held throughout the town at Joyce Gordon art gallery, Geoffrey Inncer Circle and Bobby Hutton Park.

A permanent bust of Huey P. Newton by sculptor Dana King will be unveiled on Sunday at 11 a.m. at 9th and Center Street also known as Dr. Huey P. Newton Way and Mandela Parkway.

She wants younger generations today to recognize the sacrifices made by people in the past that helped shape a brighter  future.

And to understand they have the power to make a difference too – no invitation needed.

Newton said she is proud of the achievements to date and remains hopeful that the children of tomorrow will continue to strive for a fair and just world – taking with them the teachings of their parents.

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