SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Nima Momeni, the accused killer of Cash App founder Bob Lee, had previous scrapes with the law, according to a police report obtained by KRON4 Monday.

Momeni, 38, was accused by a woman of assault last summer. The woman called the Emeryville Police Department and reported that she was attacked by Momeni inside his Emeryville apartment at 4053 Harlan Street on August 1, 2022.

“She believes that he may be bipolar because one minute he will be fine and the next he will go off for no reason,” a police officer wrote in the report.

When EPD officers arrived at the apartment, the woman said she had been living in Momeni’s apartment with his permission. “She met the suspect Nima Momeni about a week ago and he allowed her to stay on his couch at his apartment in exchange for house keeping duties. She denied that she had any dating relationship with Momeni,” an officer wrote.

Homicide victim Bob Lee

The woman said she was downstairs in the kitchen when Momeni entered the room and angrily yelled at her. She told a police officer that “Momeni began telling her to get her stuff and leave. Momeni forcefully grabbed her right upper arm and her right side waist area. He then pushed her against a counter.”

The woman told police that she did not want to press charges, and wanted to gather her belongings from the apartment to leave. Momeni had already put the woman’s possessions in a hallway.

When questioned by police, Momeni denied that he hurt the woman, according to the EPD report.

Nima Momeni talks to his defense attorney in court on April 25, 2023. (Pool photo)
Nima Momeni appears in a San Francisco courtroom on April 25, 2023. (Pool photo)

The woman later became upset and began ranting at officers “that we were violent men and all the same,” the EPD report states. She said she changed her mind and wanted to press charges.

Police questioned another roommate in the apartment. The roommate said Momeni allowed the woman to sleep on his couch, “but she had to help keep the apartment clean and look for employment. (The woman) had not been doing this so Momeni told her she had to leave. That is what the argument was about.” The roommate said he heard the argument, but did not see any physical altercation.

Momeni was cited by police and the case was handed over to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office confirmed to KRON4 that no charges were filed for the Emeryville incident.

Lee, a 43-year-old wealthy tech mogul, was stabbed to death in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood at 2:30 a.m. on April 4. San Francisco prosecutors said Momeni drove Lee to a dark and secluded area under the Bay Bridge, stabbed Lee in the chest with a kitchen knife, sped off in a white BMW, and left Lee to die alone.

Khazar Elyassnia, left, stands in the Hall of Justice in San Francisco on April 14, 2023, ahead of a court appearance by her brother, Nima Momeni. (AP Photo / Olga Rodriguez)

Lee was stabbed in the heart just hours after a witness saw Momeni confront Lee about his relationship with Momeni’s younger sister, prosecutors wrote in court documents. Momeni “was questioning (Lee) regarding whether his sister was doing drugs or anything inappropriate,” court documents state.

Khazar Elyassnia sent Lee a text message praising him for being “classy” about how he handled her brother’s suspicions, court documents state.

After the homicide, police found the text message in Lee’s cellphone. Elyassnia’s text message said, “Just wanted to make sure your doing ok. Cause I know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you. And thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class. Love you Selfish pricks,” according to court documents.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins declined to say if Lee, Elyassnia, and Elyassnia’s husband were tangled in a “love triangle.” Prosecutors said the knife wounds suffered by Lee showed Momeni had a “direct and clear intent to kill.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Momeni is a tech entrepreneur, owner a technology and security company Expand IT, and a UC Berkeley graduate.

The judge ordered artist Vicki Behringer to only sketch Momeni’s silhouette. Behringer was allowed to sketch his family members in the gallery. (Sketch by Vicki Behringer)

Momeni was arrested in Emeryville on suspicion of murder and booked into a San Francisco jail with no bail.

Elyassnia and her husband attended Momeni’s first court appearance last week. The accused killer formed his hands into the shape of a heart in the courtroom, and his family did the same. Momeni made his second court appearance Tuesday morning and he did not enter a plea.

Sam Singer previously told KRON that Momeni’s live-and-work loft is next to Singer’s office in Emeryville. “His door was open. He welcomed me and showed me around the space with a pool table, fancy stereo system, gourmet food … technology stuff all around. I showed him our renovated space and he was very complimentary. He gave us a stack of cards and said if we ever needed help, give a call.”

Singer said news of Momeni’s arrest in the Lee homicide case was “shocking.”