(BCN) — Brentwood police said Thursday they’re hearing reports of a new scam in the area, where victims are contacted by people posing as representatives from Norton Antivirus. During the first incident, the victim was directed to cancel their subscription online by opening a web browser on their laptop.

Opening the browser allowed the scammer to gain access to the victim’s laptop remotely and accessed their bank account information. A second incident occurred where a scammer posed again as a representative from Norton Antivirus, telling the victim the company accidentally deposited a large sum of money in the victim’s account and requested they transfer money back.

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Both times, the scammer sent an email to the victims, advising them of an increase in subscription payment, prompting the victims to call the number on the email. Brentwood police said if residents are unsure whether they’re being scammed, they can call them at (925) 809-7911 before giving out any personal information or sending money.

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