(KRON) — Notable local leaders are lending their voices in support of a class action lawsuit being brought against Wells Fargo bank for alleged racist lending practices.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is joining noted civil rights attorney Ben Crump to support the suit. The suit accuses Wells Fargo of denying loans to and discriminating against minority mortgage applicants over the pandemic. The suit estimates that 750,000 people could have been impacted by the racist lending practices.

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Crump says the company should settle with the people who were impacted most by their unfair lending practices, including “marginalized minorities who continued to pay their high-interest payments to Wells Fargo on a monthly basis.”

Wells Fargo provided the following statement to KRON4 on the matter:

“We are confident that we follow relevant government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) guidelines in our decision making and that our underwriting practices are consistently applied regardless of a customer’s race or ethnicity. These allegations against Wells Fargo stand in stark contrast to the company’s significant and long-term commitment to closing the minority homeownership gap.”