SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Burglaries in San Francisco are up 42% compared to last year.

As of today, there have been 5,118 burglaries so far this year and surveillance cameras caught many of these thieves over the last two months.

People in the city’s northern neighborhood like North Beach, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights say they’re experiencing break-ins daily.

Thieves are returning to the same homes and neighborhoods within the same week, sometimes only one day apart.

“It’s a big wave of crime right now. it’s home burglaries and this is scary. I cannot sleep at night anymore,” said Iryna Gorb.

Surveillance videos like this, taken over the last two months, were sent to her from other neighbors after she made fliers and posted on social media in the Nextdoor app focused in San Francisco’s northern neighborhoods, like North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, and more.

“We were supposed to get married in April, postponed until next year and we had a lot of wedding gifts in there and they got stolen. It was a lot of miscellaneous things and sporting equipment,” Alex Miller said.

Alex Miller and many other neighbors flooded Gorb’s inbox with similar stories — Thieves breaking into their garages or homes, stealing expensive bicycles, scooters, and whatever they could get their hands on.

That’s when Gorb decided to make a map.

“I just started putting together all the incidents. I started writing it down, drew a little map that eventually turning into a bigger map because I started getting more and more feedback,” Gorb said.

According to San Francisco police, there have been 1,079 burglaries in its Northern District so far this year. A 58% increase from the 683 burglaries over the same time period last year.

As for citywide burglaries, there’s been 5,118 so far — a 42% increase from this time period last year which reached 3,602 burglaries.

And it’s not just happening to homes. Video from a Pacific Heights’ Food Market a week and a half ago shows a suspect’s seen setting up a blow torch on the store’s glass.

When it doesn’t budge, he comes back and tries a throwing a planter to break in.

“Lawlessness piece of it is disturbing,” Miller said.

“Some people have seen second break-ins just recently and it’s just unacceptable. We need to see some actions and not just words,” Gorb said.

Earlier this month, neighbors had a community meeting with police, the DA and a city supervisor.

Gorb tells KRON4, SFPD now has a team looking into these break-ins but despite one of the arrests they made this month, the crimes continue.

They have another virtual community meeting scheduled Thursday where reps from the DA and city supervisor will also attend.

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