SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A Saratoga man says his home was broken into while he was on vacation — the burglars getting away with a several hundred-pound safe.

Surveillance video captured two men at the man’s front door.

The homeowner tells KRON4 he and his entire family are traumatized. He says it’s not about the monetary value of the items that the suspects stole, but some of the personal items that no amount of money could replace.

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Security camera video caught the moment at least two suspects walked up to this Saratoga home and broke through the front door.

“Elbows the camera to knock it out of the way and then he tells another guy to ‘come on’ and all of a sudden you hear the door kick in,” said homeowner Paul Corsbie.

Corsbie was on vacation in Maui on Wednesday when he got an alert he never expected. It was from his alarm company about a break-in at his Saratoga home near Quito Road and Norman Y. Mineta Highway.

He says the biggest thing they took was his 300-pound safe, which likely weighed 400 pounds if full.

“They drug it out, and you can see the scrap marks on the hardwood floor there, drug it down the steps,” Corsbie said.

The door was also broken and had to be boarded up. Corsbie showed KRON4 where the safe once was the wall dented from the burglars.

“It’s heart-wrenching. It absolutely is. My wife was beyond being consoled,” he said.

He says police were surprised to see in the video that the criminals didn’t even knock. The next day Corsbie got a call from the San Carlos Police Department saying they found the safe empty.

“Somewhere near the dump, submerged in 8 inches of water and the door had been torn off,” Corsbie said.

He says while his valuables are replaceable, his personal items aren’t. Corsbie is still working with the insurance company to figure out the monetary value of what the burglars stole.

So far, it’s estimated at about $80,000.