Bus driver arrested on DUI charges at Graton Casino

Bay Area

A tour bus driver has been arrested on DUI charges.

It happened Sunday morning. Officers say the driver was operating a passenger bus on northbound 101 and collided with the right side bridge rail.

They say she continued without stopping and a passenger then called 911, noting that the driver was speeding and passing on the right shoulder of the highway.

The CHP stopped the driver in the Graton Casino parking lot.

Officers conducted a DUI test and found the driver to be almost four times over the legal limit.

Here is the full statement by the CHP:

On Sunday at approximately 9:25 a.m. Angela Teasley, 34, of Richmond was driving a 2004 passenger bus bound for the Graton Casino. The bus was northbound on US-101 in the vicinity of the GG Bridge when V1 collided with the right side bridge rail. Teasley continued without stopping. Eventually, a passenger on the bus called 911 from her cell phone to report the collision. The passenger also stated Teasley was driving erratically, at unsafe speeds and passing on the right shoulder. As the bus traveled northbound it was called in by other motorists. Multiple units attempted to get in position to conduct an enforcement stop as the bus drove through Petaluma. Due to the delay in information being relayed, CHP units were unable to get in front of the bus. Rohnert Park Public Safety officers conducted an enforcement stop on the bus as it entered the parking lot of the Graton Casino and detained the driver until CHP arrived moments later. CHP officers interviewed some of the 40 bus passengers and contacted Teasley, who displayed signs of alcohol intoxication. Following a DUI evaluation Teasley was estimated to be almost 4 times over the legal limit of .08% blood alcohol content. She was booked into the Sonoma County Jail on DUI charges, including operating a commercial vehicle while impaired.



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