PLEASANTON, Calif. (KRON) – In just a few days, a number of businesses can resume outdoor services in Alameda County, including hair salons and barbershops. 

For salon owners, the news is little relief to many, who are still looking to get back inside to perform services. 

Some salon owners were already worried about providing services while battling the elements, but with smoke filling the skies around the Bay Area, from three major fires.

They’re still wondering why they’re not allowed to go back indoors.

Starting Friday, outdoor pools, wine tastings, and personal care services, including hair salons and barber shops can resume outdoors in Alameda County. 

The county leads the Bay Area in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. 

News of the re-openings, isn’t what a number of hair salons want to hear.

Christine Peters is the owner of Flaunt Hair Salon in Pleasanton.

Since March, she’s been on a mission to get hair salons operating again indoors.

“We have proper ventilation, we have proper protocols. We were given those protocols not only in our initial training, state board of barbering and cosmetology, only added two steps to testing,” Peters said.

Peters says performing services outdoors in the elements not only limits how much money they can make, it also jeopardizes the safety of customers and workers. 

With smoke and ash filling the skies from 3-major wildfires, she worries what’s being done to protect customers. 

“I’m surprised that Alameda County wouldn’t let us open when Gavin Newsom initially said California salons could open and go outside, and they said no, but now they’re saying yes even with the smoke? I don’t get it,” Peters said.

With her shop still closed, she’s now hitting the road, traveling up the West Coast visiting other salons, to see what measures they’ve taken in order to re-open. 

She’s worried that salons could reach a breaking point leaving workers permanently out of a job. 

She continues to call on state and county leaders to not group salons with bars and restaurants when it comes to regulations.

KRON4 reached out to Alameda County Health Officials Tuesday, to see if they were offering any guidance or orders to the businesses working outdoors in order to protect customers. 

We have yet to hear back. 

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