(KRON) – – The California’s Association of Realtors issued a formal apology Friday for past policies that are considered racist and discriminatory, the association announced in a press release.

The C.A.R. admitted to playing a role in the history of segregation in housing and exclusionary practices. President Otto Catrina stated, “the Association was wrong. We not only apologize for those actions, we strongly condemn them, and we will continue working to address the legacy of these discriminatory policies and practices.”

Proposition 14 was a ballot initiative in 1960s that overturned California’s first fair housing law. The C.A.R. encouraged its members to support the proposition to overturn the Rumford Fair Housing Act.

“We have continued to unpack our difficult and sometimes obscure history of opposing fair housing laws, promoting segregation and racial exclusion prior to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. As an organization that deeply values inclusion, we can’t change the actions of the past, but we are taking bold action now to help build a more equitable and just future,” said Catrina.

In the statement released Friday, the C.A.R. said they are focusing on remediating their history of discriminatory policies, including by:

●     Offering a closing cost grant for members of underserved communities.

●     Donating to the Black Wealth Builders Fund, a down payment assistance program for Black home buyers in the Bay Area.

●     Partnering with and sponsoring the work of nonprofit organizations that support greater homeownership for members of underserved communities.

●     Sponsoring and supporting a variety of policies that address supply and affordability challenges for communities of color. 

●     Co-sponsoring a bill that would overturn Article 34, a law California REALTORS® helped pass in the 1950s that makes it much harder for California communities to build affordable housing.

●     Supporting a law that provides a system for redacting restrictive covenants in property records. 

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The C.A.R. currently has over 217,000 members and has been an organization for 115 years.