SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Some relief is on the way for 5.7 million Californians – with each eligible person receiving a $600 dollar one-time payment.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed this legislation into law on Tuesday morning.

Lawmakers passed the coronavirus relief package on Monday in hopes it will help those with low-to-moderate incomes weather the pandemic.

“This legislation will aid some of the people who have kept us going through the hardest times of this pandemic,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said.

Fewer people will get these payments compared to the federal relief checks Congress approved last year, but the goal for state lawmakers was to reach the pockets of people left behind, including immigrants.

This includes people who claim the California earned income tax credit on their tax returns, mostly making 30,000 or less per year.

Immigrants who pay taxes making $75,000 a year or less after deductions would also get the money.

“California is setting an example of what we can do when Republicans and Democrats come together to find bipartisan solutions,” Toni Atkins, with the State Senate Pro Team, said.

People who receive assistance from programs assisting low-income families or those with disabilities are also eligible.

Some people fit into both categories and in those cases will get $1,200 – not 600.

These payments are a part of a broader aid package totaling $7.6 billion.

“We recognize the stress, the strain that so many small businesses have been under and we recognize our responsibility to do more, and do better to help these businesses through this very difficult and trying time,” Gov. Newsom said.

It includes more than $2 million in grants for small businesses and waives about $25.6 million worth of business fees for struggling restaurants and salons.

People eligible for the payments should get it between 45 to 60 days after receiving their state tax refunds.