NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — April showers are in the forecast, but they are no drought-buster as more parts of the Bay Area prepare for water restrictions.

The city of Napa is encouraging residents to conserve water.

Napa residents know the drill from past droughts.

Rain is expected early Sunday morning.

City officials are reminding residents to take advantage of the rainfall and give your sprinklers an extended time out.

Ed Richards showed how he is saving water in his Napa home.

Richards remembers the last major statewide drought about five years ago.

Gail Chandler is also doing her part.

Lake Hennessey is the major local water source for the city of Napa system.

The city says the lake is currently at 68 percent of capacity holding 21,000 acre feet of water.

It has been dry.

To help in this effort, the city of Napa urges all customers to use water wisely this year, with conservation efforts similar to 2014-2016.

Small changes around the home like running only full loads of laundry or dishes, turning off the water while you lather with soap, shave, or brush your teeth.

Habits Richards has been practicing the last couple of years

There is an incentive to save water here – the 6th annual Napa County water conservation video contest is now open to all local students and families.

They have a month to submit a video about protecting water resources for generations to come – the winners receive cash prize.