CA Recall: Peninsula Democrats rally voters to vote ‘no’ on recall

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EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) — If every single eligible voter participates in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election, Peninsula Democrats believe the recall will fail.

“We have to get people to turn out. They have to realize the seriousness,” State Senator Josh Becker said. “They have to realize this is happening. And, they have to realize how important it is to them. How it will affect their lives from a health perspective, from an economic perspective.”

Republicans have blasted Governor Gavin Newsom for what they call poor responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing homeless problem, crime and wildfire protection.

Democrats disagree.

“Gavin didn’t cause the COVID pandemic. He didn’t cause the crisis,” EPA Councilmember Lisa Gauthier said. “When he closed down the state it was to save lives.”

In East Palo Alto Saturday, Democratic State Senator Josh Becker of Menlo Park and other local elected leaders made their pitch for Newsom at a rally in Bell Park.

“He’s put us on the right path, whether its related to environment, workers rights, all the issues that we as Californians should care about and that should help us progress in the right way,” Los Altos Mayor Neysa Fligor said.

Senator Becker says leading Republican candidates Larry Elder and businessman John Cox lack the experience needed to carry the state forward.

“It’s easy to poke stones, and its really, I think, a collection of angry people on the other side. Angry about a wide variety of things,” Becker said. “But its really clear, again, that would take us backward, Gavin Newsom will continue to take us forward.”

The State Department of Finance estimates the cost to administer the recall election is about $276 million.

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