SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Six people were injured after a cable car came to an abrupt halt on a steep hill to avoid a car Monday. The incident occurred around 12:50 p.m. at Washington and Taylor streets in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. Initial reports indicated that seven people were injured in the incident, however, fire officials later said only six passengers suffered minor injuries.

The cable car operator engaged the emergency brake to avoid hitting a car in the middle of the intersection, according to San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Mariano Elias. Passengers aboard the car were thrown forward by the sudden stop.

One witness described the vehicle in the intersection as a Black Toyota Prius. Police said the vehicle and driver involved fled the scene before officers arrived.

Fourteen people were evaluated at the scene and six of those who were injured were transported to the hospital, according to officials. Injuries were described as minor.

The sudden braking wedged the cable car into the tracks and required crews to remove it.

Bay City News contributed to this story.