MORGAN HILL, Calif. (KRON) – Firefighters in Santa Clara County are bracing for what could be a very active fire season. 

They are practicing tactics like a ‘hose lay,’ where they lay and connect hoses, and putting on self-contained breathing apparatuses. By Friday, all of the firefighters will need to be ready to go.

“Currently going to staff four additional engines tomorrow, because right now we are in a red flag warning, that’s supposed to last another few days,” said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Carlos Alcantar. 

Alcantar said that this year alone, there have already been more than 1,700 fires in California, burning 7,500 acres.

“Temperatures, climate change, we are in a drought. We’ve been in a drought for years, and unfortunately doesn’t look like we will get any significant rain,” he said.

Alcantar said that in Santa Clara, the fire calls have already started coming in over the last few days. He said many are brush fires that are caused by humans.

“Fires start by people mowing during mid-afternoon… and as you can tell by these winds, one spark is going to take off and it’s off for the races,” he said.

Alcantar asked people to cut their grass in the morning and create defensible space around their home.

“Trees close to you roof line, limb them up. We also ask that you clean your eaves, that gives us a fighting chance to send these firefighters in there to protect your home,” he said.

Alcantar says they do need more firefighters, but the ones they have are properly trained and ready for what’s to come.