HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) — Heading into a new semester, some Bay Area colleges have announced that classes will begin virtually as COVID cases surge.

Those schools include Cal State East Bay, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and San Francisco State University.

Cal State East Bay

On Thursday, Cal State East Bay announced that classes will be virtual for at least the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester.

That includes classes and labs, which will be fully remote from the start of the semester on Jan. 18 until Jan. 28.

The switch to online learning only applies to classes.

Buildings in the Hayward, Concord, and Oakland campuses will still be open starting Jan. 18 for student services, according to the release.

The university plans to resume in-person instruction on Jan. 31.

“We have made the decision to start the Spring semester virtually to greatly reduce population density on our campuses,” Cal State East Bay President Cathy Sandeen said in a statement. “Our students, staff and faculty have done a commendable job in preventing the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses through vaccination, regular testing, and following public health guidance. To date, we have not had any community transmission and this latest decision will help us maintain a high level of safety.”

San Francisco State University

As for San Francisco State University, in-person classes will be delayed until Feb. 14.

“This week, as we resumed testing on campus, we saw a similarly dramatic increase in positivity rates. In this context, the University has decided to delay the start of in-person instruction until February 14 and most campus services will be provided remotely until February 7,” the campus wrote in a press release.

The semester will still begin as planned on Jan. 24.

Online courses will not experience any changes, however, in-person courses will switch to remote learning for the first three weeks.

School officials say that most campus and student services will be remote. Campus offices will reopen in person on Feb. 7.

For the latest details from school officials, visit the Campus Comeback page.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University has decided to extend remote learning options until Jan. 30, with plans to return in person on Jan. 31.

School officials say that if instructors choose to teach in-person during this time, students will be accommodated who wish to be remote.

For more details, tap here for a full message from Santa Clara University.

UC Berkeley

On Friday, UC Berkeley announced that most courses will be remote for the first two weeks of the semester.

On Jan. 31, courses are expected to move back to in-person.

Last month, all California State University campuses required students and employees to get their boosters by Feb. 28, or six months after a person got their final dose of the original vaccination — whichever is later.

At this time, San Jose State University will begin the semester as planned on Jan. 26 in person. They continue to monitor the variant.

In addition, Sonoma State University also plans to remain on schedule for returning in person on Jan. 24. The university is offering 65% to 70% of their courses to be in person.