LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KRON) — It doesn’t look like there’s any sign of relief with gas prices in the Bay Area.

We normally see a decline in gas prices after the Labor Day weekend, but that’s not the case. Gas prices are up to nearly $6 a gallon for unleaded in California, and if you need premium, expect to pay well over six bucks a gallon.

Right now, the average in California is $5.82, according to AAA. The Bay Area does come in a bit under that.

Napa County is seeing the highest prices in the Bay Area at $5.76 per gallon, and then those prices trickle down. Motorists in San Francisco are paying $5.68, and in Contra Costa County, the price averages $5.62. The lowest price in the Bay Area is currently in Solano County at $5.57 a gallon.

California’s gas prices are well over the national average, which is currently $3.84 per gallon. AAA said the primary reason is the surge in oil costs, which have jumped several dollars and are around $90 per barrel. And, of course, supply and demand.

Looking for the cheapest price? There are apps drivers can use, such as Gas Buddy, and many gas stations charge less to those paying in cash.