CALIFORNIA (KRON) — Bay Area motorists pay the highest average price for gas in the country and it will soon cost more.

Starting July 1, California drivers will pay six more cents per gallon.

Most Bay Area drivers KRON4 spoke with weren’t pleased to here about the tax.

“I don’t really know what to say about that. Gas is already pretty much high as it is and they’re putting it up higher,” one driver said.

“The rent goes up, the groceries go up, now the gas,” said Irma Andrade. “$40 every Sunday and that gets me through the week. I don’t go nowhere else just home and work.”

The reason for the price hikes, the excise tax on gas is going up.

Gas went up 12 cents in 2017 under a deal made by former Gov. Jerry Brown.

Money raised goes to fix aging bridges and roadways in the state.

Andrade says the $1 increase in tolls this year is enough.

“We have to be paying everything. It’s just going out of everyone’s pockets, it’s sad because we all have families, we all have expenses and they think about all that but they don’t think about how are we surviving in California,” she said.

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