(KRON) – California will soon be rolling out a program that will help citizens pay for down payments. According to Zillow, the average house price as of Thursday in San Francisco is $1.4 million, and the surrounding Bay Area is not much cheaper.

“Plenty of clients who I would love to work with, who cannot come up with that down payment, do not have the family members who can help them, dying to get out of their rentals, but that is the stuck point… the down payment,” said Alexandra Stein with Corcoran Global Living.

Stein says people may not have the down payment, but they can pay.

“They’re paying 3 to 4 thousand in rent, that’s what a mortgage would be,” she said.

Now, the California Dream For All program hopes to help with that problem. It is rolling out in roughly a year, with a $500 million budget. Instead of paying thousands in rent, that money would go to your own equity.

“An opportunity to own a home, for the working class, moderate Californians that haven’t had that opportunity, oftentimes communities of color,” said Adam Briones, CEO of California Community Builders.

Briones helped design the program, which will cover at least 17 percent of your total home cost in down payment assistance. There are no stipulations on what people can buy.

“You can buy a condo, a single-family home, you can sell it in eight years or 30 years,” he said.

If the house devalues, you pay back the assistance money you borrowed. If house appreciates, you pay back the assistance money, and 20 percent whatever you profit.

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“We really think this is just one of many solutions needed,” Briones said.