(KRON) — Looking to move out of the Golden State? If you’re searching for a place that will welcome you with open arms, cross Utah off your list.

In a press conference with reporters on Feb. 10, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox talked about the rapid growth of his state posing problems. His response included a strong message for Californians.

“We would love for people to stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah,” he said.

A U.S. Census survey determined that Utah’s population increased by 18.4% from 2010 to 2020, more than any other state. Utah’s population grew by 41,687 from 2021 to 2022, the ninth-biggest figure of any state.

Cox said the state’s biggest issues are growth-related — housing and water. The rapid influx of people into the state has created a greater demand for housing.

Cox said he wants to see California cut taxes and regulations to prevent citizens from moving to Utah.

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In May 2022, KRON4 published a story ranking the states that Californians are moving to. Utah ranked No. 10 on the list — the Census Bureau’s data showed that 17,821 people moved from California to Utah in 2019. In the other direction, 8,504 people moved from Utah to California in the same year.

Texas topped that list, as 82,235 moved from California to the Lone Star State in 2019. Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon rounded out the top five.