(KRON) — Doctors might tell you that eating fast food will take years off your life. For some Californians, that’s a trade-off they would take.

According to a study from Drug Genius, the average Californian would surrender five years off of their life to continue eating fast food. The number comes from a 3,222-person survey in which participants were asked hypothetically how many years they would give up to continue eating unhealthily.

There were some states that were willing to sacrifice more than five years — in Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii, the average response was 12 years, Drug Genius said. The average answer across the country was four years.

The study also showed that many Americans are not concerned with the health risks that come with eating fast food. Drug Genius reported that 51 percent of participants admitted that they ignore information about the health risks of fast food.

In fact, one in four people thought moderate consumption of fast food had health benefits, according to the study. When asked which fast food items have health benefits, submarine sandwiches were the most popular answer. People also answered burritos, pizza, and even chicken wings.

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Drug Genius’ survey also asked people whether they would rather give up alcohol or fast food. Sixty percent of participants said that they would kiss booze goodbye.

For more of Drug Genius’ research, check the interactive map below.

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