CAMPBELL, Calif. (KRON) – “We were really, really shocked that something like that would have happened and we wouldn’t even know it.”

A family in Campbell says they’re fearful of letting their cat roam around the neighborhood after they found out he was shot with a pellet gun.

And they say their cat isn’t the only one that has been targeted.

“It’s scary to think that someone in the neighborhood, right here, is shooting cats.”

Jennifer and Mike Ping describe their cat, Lucifier, as a loveable rascal.

However, recent x-rays show he had a very scary experience. They believe it happened right here in their neighborhood.

The Pings took Lucifier to the vet a few weeks ago after he came home injured.

The vet believed he was attacked by a coyote, so they did some x-rays to make sure he didn’t break anything and found pellet bullets.

“He stays within a few blocks of the house so we know for sure it happened one or two blocks over from our house at the most.”

They say they find this even more shocking because Lucifier is a friendly cat.

“Everybody loves him. He makes himself at home everywhere.”

Lucifier has made a full recovery from the coyote attack and pellet shots, but they’re keeping him closer to home.