SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — “It’s just a very busy street so you have to be cognizant of that when you’re crossing and when you’re driving. I’ve almost been hit biking on Market Street before.”

People in San Francisco describing their commute on Market Street as “pretty crazy” and crowded. 

More than half a million people walk on Market Street daily in San Francisco.

To make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, the city is making changes through a project called “Better Market Street”

Starting next Wednesday, cars will be banned westbound from Steuart Street to Van Ness and eastbound from 10th Street to Main Street.

However, cars will still be able to cross over Market Street.

To ease in the changes, Project Manager Cristina Olea says warning signs will be posted.

“There’s no turns onto Market Street from the side streets, except for taxis, transit, bicycles, commercial vehicles,” Olea said. “So primarily you’ll see signs. We’ll also have a lot of enforcement officers out on the streets initially to provide education and let drivers know you’re not supposed to be on that portion of market street.” 

Olea says ignoring the new ban will cost you a $239 dollars plus a moving violation on your record.

The car free phase in is just one change of many coming over the next few years.

“Providing a dedicated bike way at sidewalk level throughout the corridor,” she said. “So you’ll first see it through 8th and 5th and then roll it out through the entire corridor. youll see new sidewalks, youll see new trees.”