SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Another rash of car break-ins in San Francisco — this time at Ghirardelli Square Friday afternoon.

KRON4 spoke to a man who saw it all happen. That witness filmed the suspects breaking into cars – all this happening over lunch.

“He broke it, broke it, going in, going in. He got it,” the witness said.

Around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, a man could be seen reaching inside this parked vehicle at Ghirardelli Square and then taking off in a getaway car. A witness captured it on video during lunch.

“They just broke into like six cars,” the witness said.

The witness did not want to share his identity. He says he saw it all unfold from a nearby restaurant.

“This is the corner spot, right? We’re still sitting at the restaurant here and literally in less than five seconds we saw guys stopping by and popping windows,” he said.

One by one he watched multiple car break-ins in a minute. At one point, a tour bus drove by.

He then spoke to the victims.

“They are really upset right now,” one witness said. “We are citizens living by the law right you know, hardworking people and they just came over here because it’s a nice day out here with their families and their friends and nobody wants to deal with such a thing right.”

The witness says an undercover police officer was parked nearby and watched the suspects in action, but the officer did not try to stop the suspects.

“I believe he just recorded everything and not intervene because they may have guns and they don’t want to escalate the situation,” the witness said. “I think police are obviously not doing enough, and I’ve lived in the city for more than 12 years and I’ve seen this law and order like not getting better.”

This latest rash of auto smash-and-grab burglaries comes after nearly two dozen vehicle break-ins in the Cow Hollow neighborhood.

San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani who represents the Cow Hollow area told KRON4 this week the city is short 500 police officers and plans to push to make it a budget priority.

The supervisor says she hopes a tougher-on-crime district attorney’s office will make a difference.

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The witness KRON4 spoke with says he gave SFPD the videos he filmed of the smash and grabs at Ghirardelli Square. KRON4 reached out to SFPD about these latest break-ins but have not yet heard back.