Car burglary caught on camera near Lombard Street

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Thieves were caught on camera smashing a car window and grabbing what they could get their hands on.

“I seen it happen like three times a week,” Dennis Saenz said.

Neighbor Dennis Saenz said it happened Wednesday night on Hyde Street, right next to the popular crooked section of Lombard Street where tourists park to get out and take a quick picture.

“There’s no second thought for them,” Saenz said. “Smashing a window and sometimes they smash like three windows at the same time. They don’t hesitate. They grab as much as they need, as much as they want.”

Another neighbors’ surveillance video captured the whole heist. 

First you see a grey SUV park near the victims’ car.

One suspect gets out, scopes the area and then they move to park behind the victim’s car.

“They smash the window first and they proceed to grab all the belongings, all the luggage, everything,” Saenz said. “Then you can see in the video they come for a second time.”

Later you see the visitors return to their car, noticing most of their belongings are now gone.

Saenz said this happens too often, especially to tourists visiting Lombard Street.

That’s why he and neighbors posted these warnings nearby.

“That’s a common mistake,” he said. “They leave their wallets computers, all electronics inside the car. Money, cash, jewelry. Secure your car. Take your important belongings with you.”

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