SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — San Leandro police shot and killed 33-year-old Steven Taylor inside a Walmart on April 18 after they say he was not complying with orders.

One week later, the Anti Police-Terror Project held a car protest to demand justice for Taylor and his family.

The protest was strictly held in cars to avoid spreading COVID-19. Organizers asked everyone to bring masks and to ride only with people who are they are sheltering in place with.

Video from the protest shows several cars lined up and honking. There’s also a person standing on top of a car holding a sign.

On April 22, the San Leandro Police Department released body cam footage from the two officer’s who responded to the scene.

Officers responded to reports of a person brandishing a bat and a possible robbery at the Walmart at 1555 Hesperian Blvd around 3:12 p.m.

When the first officer arrived, he determined there was no robbery attempt, but discovered Taylor holding a bat in his hand so he tried to detain him. Police say Taylor was not cooperative, so the first officer tried to taze him but was unsuccessful. After failing the second time, the officer shot the Taylor in the chest.

Taylor died at the scene.

“Up to 50% of the people killed by law enforcement are in the middle of a mental health crisis. Law enforcement agencies are not equipped to handle these calls, they don’t have adequate training and many of them don’t want the job,” a statement from the Anti Police-Terror Project read. “These result in unnecessary deaths, trauma and pain. And those that are killed disproportionately Black.”

The shooting is now sparking outrage within the civil rights community.

James Burch, with the Anti-Police Terror Project, said the officer unlawfully killed Taylor who was likely suffering from some sort of mental lapse.

San Leandro Police Chief Jeff Tudor said an investigation of the incident is underway.

“Anytime we have an officer-involved shooting, it is a matter we take very seriously,” Tudor said. “A number of steps and investigations automatically begin. The San Leandro Police Department will conduct a complete review of this incident. The Alameda County District’s Attorney Office will conduct an independent investigation.”

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