SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — The upper deck of the Bay Bridge was completely shut down by protesters Sunday afternoon.

Westbound I-80, just west of Treasure Island, was taken over by about 50 cars in a caravan slowing down on the bridge.

As of 7:53 p.m., all lanes have reopened.

Several protesters were arrested on and near the upper deck of the bridge. After shutting down the entire upper deck for more than an hour,the CHP reported that traffic began to move again around 6:43 p.m. after two lanes reopened.

It’s being reported that protesters tried to paint “BLM” for Black Lives Matter on the road. It is unclear if they were successful.

Video from a viewer shows cars on the freeway honking.

Another video shows CHP officers get out of their parked cars on the bridge and walk towards the front of the traffic.

One person said tweeted they will continue to drive for a little while and then stop again.

A photo shows the effect and emptiness of the road as no cars are coming in westbound — a rare sight.

No additional details have been reported at this time.

Check back for updates as this is a developing story

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