ORINDA, Calif (KRON) – A family in Orinda has been displaced yet again after another driver plowed into the same home for the second time in two years. Thankfully, the family was upstairs having dinner when they heard what sounded like a bomb going off.

What really happened, according to the homeowner Seth Orvis, was a delivery driver crashed into one of their first-floor rooms. He paid out of pocket to board up the home until their insurance can help rebuild again.

He says his wife and kids don’t feel they can stay there until a structural engineer says it’s safe. Back in 2020, a DUI driver crashed into the same home located at a sort of fork in the road.

Orvis said they moved there because it was in a safe neighborhood, but now there clearly need to be improvements made. He complained that the city hasn’t done enough.

“The biggest thing of my complaint is that in 2020 when this happened in July, we wrote the public works department of Orinda to either put a stop sign or put some sort of signage to hopefully prevent this. They ignored my request, and two years later it’s happening again.” 

The city manager responded to KRON4 when asked about what action they are taking, saying, “The city is currently preparing a local roads safety plan. I have asked my staff to include this location for assessment as part of that plan. We have been doing considerable outreach to the community on that plan and residents can submit areas of concern through November 18 via the plan website.”

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Orvis says he was upset that he was directed to a website without further, immediate help.