PINOLE, Calif. (KRON) – A dog who was stolen from inside a car at a Lucky’s grocery store parking lot has been found, the dog’s owner told KRON4 Saturday morning.

The owner said after she came back from shopping, the dog was still there, and she dropped the grocery bags inside the car. When she realized she forgot something inside, she came back just five minutes later, and the dog and car were both gone.

“I looked in that row thinking ‘No, wait a minute, I was just here five minutes ago and it’s really gone…It’s really, really gone,’” Renee Renteria told KRON4. 

Renteria was in a state of shock when she realized that within minutes, someone broke into her locked car, got it running and then drove away with her dog Toffee inside. This happened at the Pinole Vista Shopping Center, 1440 Fitzgerald Drive, Saturday night at around 6:00 p.m. 

Pinole police took the report and began looking for her stolen Honda CR-V. It was found the next day in Oakland.

“They found my car in Oakland… 38th and International. They found it, but no dog,” Renteria said. 

As the hours turned into days, Renteria now wonders if she’ll ever see her 2-year-old Jack Russell again.

“I can’t sleep, I can barely eat. It’s like my child… I just want to find her,” she said. 

She has been trying to get the word out — posting photos and info about her stolen dog on several sites online. Renteria says she has received a few tips, but none have led her to Toffee.

“They ask me ‘Is this your dog?’ So no luck there. I looked in the shelters,” she said.

Tearing up, Renteria described her dog to KRON4.

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“She’s got a lot of energy. I’ll take her to the dog park, thinking she will be tired and she’s still got energy. Yeah, she’s a good dog. I love her,” she said.