Cargo ship ordered to remain in place after COVID outbreak

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A cargo ship experiencing a coronavirus outbreak is under orders from the Coast Guard to stay anchored in the San Francisco Bay.

The San Francisco Fire Boat responded to the ship Monday and brought six crew members to the city for medical evaluation.

Pictures show the San Francisco Fireboat responding to the 911 call from onboard the Global Striker, a cargo ship out of the Philippines.

The call said that 19 onboard were showing signs of flu-like symptoms. On Tuesday, the Coast Guard said that ship was already on their radar because of COVID 19.

“On Friday, was when they notified the Coast Guard that they had crew members who were experiencing flu-like symptoms and they were already at anchorage nine. On Saturday, was when the crew was tested, and on Sunday is when we were notified of the positive tests,” Commander Hale Allegretti said.

On Monday, six were taken to the Embarcadero Fire Station at Pier 26 where they were put on board a mass casualty bus, transported, and split between two city hospitals.  

While their symptoms were described as extremely mild by first responders, the San Francisco Joint Information Center says two crew members needed to be admitted to the hospital. The other four were discharged and were placed in isolation.

Now, the Global Striker remains at anchorage nine floating between Hunters Point and Alameda’s Harbor Bay Island.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is coordinating ongoing quarantine efforts for those still on board with the CDC.

The Coast Guard issued what’s called a Captain of the Port Order keeping the ship in place for now.

“Obviously we don’t want them to depart the port and in the worst case of these crewmembers, their conditions degrade, so while they’re here they’re safe there anchored were able to communicate with them in the event they need additional assistance, we can coordinate with other agencies to get them help,” Allegretti said.

The entire crew will need negative test results before the order to be lifted. The other option, the entire crew would be swapped out with new personnel before the Coast Guard would allow them to lift anchor.

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