CALISTOGA, Calif. (KRON) – All day long crews with PG&E have been crisscrossing Napa County repairing and inspecting power lines before turning the power back on.

As usual, residents who live west of the river in Calistoga have been without power since Sunday afternoon. 

Some have been through so many power shutoffs, they have bought a generator to make life a little easier

“It’s keeping one TV going, a light in my bedroom, a light in the kitchen, WIFI and the refrigerator,” said Calistoga resident Nancy Smith.

It’s not just homes that have been without power, but wineries too like Castello di Amorosa. However, outdoor wineries remain open.

“We have a generator that is able to give power to the whole castle,” said Georg Salzner with Castello di Amorosa.

Not only has this winery had to deal with power shutoffs, but its warehouse and 10,000 cases of wine were destroyed by the Glass Fire at the end of September.  Still, they keep pushing ahead.

“Because we are so used to having fires for the last four years and in the Bay Area, people aren’t scared anymore. They go online, they check it out, they see what is the air quality. And they look and say lets go to Napa, so we feel its easier than 3-4 years ago,” said Salzner.

PG&E is saying they hope to get all of Napa County back online by 10 pm Tuesday evening, but they say there’s a chance some will still be off until Wednesday.

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