The Humane Society and SPCA rescued a cat stuck on top of a utility pole in San Bruno.

A neighbor called the SPCA saying the cat had been stuck for three days on top of the pole on Trenton Drive.

The SPCA called in the San Bruno Fire Department and PG&E to help get the cat down.

“We received a call on July 18 from a concerned neighbor who said the cat had been stuck on the pole for three days and unable to climb down,” PHS/SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox said.  “Our rescue staff responded immediately to assist the cat.  In route to help the cat, we requested the assistance of PG&E and the San Bruno Fire Department.”

PG&E pulled up a ladder and climbed the pole to reach the cat and then handed him over to the SPCA.

Other than being dehydrated and hungry, the cat is expected to be just fine.

“Other than being dehydrated and very hungry, the cat was in good health,” Tarbox said.  “Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing a collar nor is he microchipped and no missing animal reports for similar looking cats have been filed with us.  We estimate he’s about five years old and very friendly, so we believe he’s someone’s cat.  Our hope is that we can reunite him with his family.”

Now, they are working on reuniting him with his family.