(KRON) — When it comes to the old saying about “the bark being worse than the bite,” one catalytic converter theft suspect in American Canyon decided he didn’t want to find out for himself. Officers with the American Canyon Police Department located a suspicious white Acura backed into a U-Haul business on Paoli Loop Road, according to a social post from the department.

The officers were patrolling due to recent catalytic converter thefts in the area and noticed that the license plate on the Acura belonged to a Chevy Trailblazer and that the Acura was reported stolen. The conducted a search and found two men hiding around a corner not far from the stolen Acura.

One suspect, who was later identified as Matthew Brown, 31, of Benicia, ran from the officers. Officers chased after Brown who stopped running when he heard K9 officer Brick barking along with police announcing the K9 was about to be deployed.

The second suspect attempted to “slyly walk away,” according to police, by heading in the opposite direction and acting as if he was not involved. He was detained and identified as Christopher Anderson, 45, of Vallejo.

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Anderson was carrying a Sawzall blades and a flashlight, common tools used for stealing catalytic converters, according to police. A cordless Sawzall tool was also found in the backseat of the stolen Acura, police said.

American Canyon PD officers arrested both men for possession of burglary tools, possession of stolen property and crimes related to the incident. Brown received extra charges for running away from officers and for a felony warrant from Sacramento County.