SARATOGA, Calif. (KRON) – A bizarre outburst caught on camera in the South Bay — a woman is seen kicking, screaming, and punching to shut down a family gathering. 

The outrage stunned family members who say this was likely racially motivated.

This strange outburst went down before a gender reveal party in Saratoga on Saturday.

A family was coming together at a home for a small backyard get-together. The home doesn’t belong to them but they were invited to host the small celebration there.

The backyard of the home on Saratoga Glen Court was being used as rental.

One neighbor didn’t want it to happen and got violent trying to shut it down.

She’s seen hitting and kicking the front door of a house and then punching the phone out of the hand of the homeowner who’s recording.

Elijah Johnson and his family were visiting from Sacramento for the small celebration. 

Johnson says the woman blocked the street, kicked his car, and yelled at his family to leave. She repeatedly called the party illegal.

Johnson feels like the situation was racially motivated because he and his family are Black and holding a celebration in a predominantly white neighborhood.

However, the homeowner, who did not want to be on camera, says his neighbor was likely to be difficult over the gathering because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa Clara County deputies visited the woman’s home on Monday afternoon but she was not arrested. 

The woman turned down KRON4’s requests for comment.

It’s unclear if the woman is facing any charges. 

The homeowner has been told that what he’s doing is not illegal. 

The state of California right now allows for gatherings of up to three households and to limit those gatherings to outside and just a few hours.

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