SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A coyote was caught on video casually strutting around downtown San Francisco, just a few days after one of the animals reportedly attacked a runner near Golden Gate Park.

In the video, shot by KRON4 Sports Anchor Jason Dumas, the coyote is seen dodging cars as it walks down Broadway toward the piers. It then makes a right turn on Davis Street and heads into Sydney Walton Park where the camera loses sight of the animal.

Coyotes are not altogether uncommon in San Francisco. KRON4’s Dan Thorn also posted video to Twitter Tuesday showing coyotes walking the streets of the Marina District. On Saturday, Dean Karnazes, an ultra marathon runner, was running through Golden Gate Park when he claims he was “attacked” by a large coyote that knocked him to the ground in an effort to get the energy bar he was eating.

It’s worth noting that while sightings of coyotes where people live are not uncommon, attacks by the animals on human beings are infrequent.