OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A woman is looking for her French bulldog after someone stole it out of her Tesla in Oakland. It happened in Jack London Square Friday night, and it was caught on video.

The owner, Toya Zheng, said she’s devastated. She says her Frenchie, named Boba, is very shy and can be easily scared. She’s worried Boba may not be eating out of fear.

The heart-wrenching video (above) shows the moment a person reaches into a Tesla and rips Boba out of the window. “It’s heartbreaking, it’s really torturing for me to see the moment they took away Boba,” Zheng said.

french bulldog stolen
Boba the French bulldog was stolen. (Image courtesy Toya Zheng)

Boba tried to get away from the person. “She was trying so hard to fight back, to get back into my car,” Zheng said.

Zheng says she takes 2-year-old Boba everywhere with her. Boba usually comes inside when Zheng goes to her office, but she was only running in to grab some documents and didn’t want to disturb her.

“She was sleeping in my car, actually, so last time I saw her she was sleeping,” Zheng said.

Zheng was parked at the corner of Franklin and Third Streets around 8:15 p.m. Friday. She ran inside her office for what she estimated was just two minutes — what appears to be a black Lexus sedan drove by her car, then backs up.

Someone hops out the passenger door and takes Zheng’s purse and wallet, goes back for Boba, then speeds away. Zheng was walking across the street at that moment.

“That car just like started so fast and then they just drove off. It almost hit me. I didn’t realize it was those people who stole my dog,” Zheng said.

Thieves are known to target Frenchies because they can sell for thousands of dollars. Zheng says if someone does safely return her dog, there will be a reward.

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“I don’t want last Friday to be the last day for me to see my dog. I hope she can come back to me. I’m so worried about her,” she said.

Zheng called the Oakland Police Department immediately after the break-in. OPD wouldn’t send someone or file a report over the phone, she said.

So Zheng filed a report online Saturday. She tried to go to the police station to give them the video, but she was told that the report needs to get approved first.