SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – APEC-related road closures have been keeping many people from getting to work in San Francisco, but they’ve also been keeping some older adults from getting their daily meals. The meal sites in the city’s SoMa neighborhood have had to close because of the tight security measures, but more than 150 seniors got to enjoy warm meals today thanks to a celebrity chef.

The housing for these seniors is actually right near the Moscone Center, which is where most of the APEC activity is happening. With all the barriers and road closures in place, it’s making it challenging for these seniors to get around. 

That inspired celebrity chef Kathy Fang to step up. Fang and her team made their way to more than 150 hungry seniors in SoMa.

“They come to our meals program every day, so just like with COVID, if we stop then they get worried,” said Anni Chung, CEO of San Francisco’s Self-Help for the Elderly. 

Chung says the seniors live in APEC’s “red zone,” and with the roadblocks and barriers in place, not to mention the daily protests, it’s tough for them to get around. But the food needs to get delivered.

“We really don’t want the seniors to not go with hot meals,” said Chung. 

Through some planning with the city, Chung was able to get a helping hand from Fang and her Chinese restaurant.

The delivery group got a police escort through the blockaded streets on Wednesday. Fang says it’s all about taking care of neighbors.

“Days like this make me grateful for the business I am in. This took a few days of logistics to make sure our seniors are getting a warm meal each day during APEC,” Fang said in a statement.

Chung says she too is thankful for the collaboration to help protect the city’s most vulnerable residents.

“We found that if there’s a will there’s a way and everybody was doing it with big smiles,” she said.

Fang’s restaurant will be back Thursday and Friday to make more deliveries for the seniors. Self-Help Elderly has been providing senior services here in the city since 1966.