(KRON) — A 15-month-old baby was struck by shrapnel in a stroller during an attempted robbery in Oakland Tuesday morning, according to the Oakland Police Department.

The incident happened on the 800 block Trestle Glen Road just before 11 a.m. The baby was being pushed in a stroller by a grandmother when two men attempted to rob the grandmother at gunpoint, police said.

Neighbor Laurie Johnson said she raced outside after hearing the grandmother’s screams. “I heard a woman screaming, I saw she had a stroller. I saw the criminals leaving and tried to comfort her,” Johnson told KRON4.

The gun was discharged during the incident and the baby suffered shrapnel injuries, police said. The 15-month-old victim was taken to a local hospital for additional treatment, and is currently in stable condition.

Oakland resident Lynn Mladjov said, “It seems everyone is a target. This is no way to live. I want to see some action, see people caught, to be punished for what they did. We don’t want to live in fear.”