(KRON) — Gov. Gavin Newsom is sending CHP officers to deal with violent crimes in Oakland.

Six CHP officers and one sergeant will be deployed to help Oakland police amid concerns about an increase in crime. The Oakland Mayor’s Office says that they will be releasing more details tomorrow. On Wednesday night, KRON4 spoke with Councilmember Dan Kalb about the state stepping in.

In Oakland, violent crime is up 15 percent, according to police data. Burglaries are up 39 percent, robberies have increased 22 percent and vehicle theft is up 49 percent.

Calls for help to 9-1-1 are spiking as staffing within the Oakland Police Department continues to decline, which has residents on edge.

“I understand the fear and concern that people are feeling. Our job is to make sure people not only feel safe but they actually are safer in their neighborhoods,” Kalb said.

In an effort to help the city address the spike in crime, Newsom is sending CHP officers to help Oakland police respond to vehicle thefts, sideshows, highway violence and organized crimes.

Kalb says they have found success in years past when the city has requested backup from CHP.

“Sometimes, CHP will take over some of the traffic and transportation duties freeing up OPD officers to do more of the serious crime calls. Whatever works. I think it’s fine, we are short staffed so I think if CHP can help us all the better,” Kalb said.

Newsom has already sent CHP into San Francisco to crack down on open-air drug dealing.

Newsom says within six weeks, CHP officers seized enough fentanyl to potentially kill the city nearly three times over, multiple firearms and stolen foods.

The governor hopes to see the same success in Oakland. But not everyone is thrilled to have CHP patrolling the streets.

Co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project Cat Brooks released a statement saying in part…

“Governor Newsom’s decision to send California Highway Patrol officers (chp) to Oakland is not rooted in effective violence prevention policies or data but rather is a lazy attempt to suggest action while endangering the people of Oakland.”

CHP will work with the Oakland police to see where patrols are most needed. Officials did not say when CHP would start.