SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A woman who climbed over the railing on the Bay Bridge Friday morning was saved by a CHP officer, authorities said.

Around 10:47 a.m., CHP officers responded to westbound I-80, east of Fremont Street, regarding a woman on the bridge.

Multiple officers responded to the area.

Before authorities arrived, the woman climbed over the bridge’s railing, hiding her location.

Around 11:06 a.m., CHP officer A. San Juan located the woman as she crouched down on the outer portion of the south side bridge railing.

Officer San Juan tried to contact the woman, but said she was verbally unresponsive and wouldn’t make any eye contact — only looking down towards the water.

About one minute later, the woman suddenly stood up and began to step off the outer bridge railing. That’s when Officer San Juan lunged forward over the raised bridge railing and grabbed the woman and she was beginning to fall forward.

The officer pulled the woman back towards the bridge railing and struggled with her as she raised her arms and attempted to use her legs to push off on the platform.

Another officer arrived and helped Officer San Juan pull the woman back over the railing.

Several concerned drivers also stopped their cars and helped the CHP officers pull the woman back over the bridge railing and detain her as she continued to kick and scream at them.

The woman was eventually taken in an ambulance to a hospital for treatment.

There were no injuries to CHP personnel nor the female.