(KRON) — It has become a struggle to fill vacant positions in the field of law enforcement. Police departments are hiring throughout the Bay Area. One law enforcement agency is looking to fill 1,000 openings throughout the state.

The California Highway Patrol is hiring, and they have more than a few openings.

“We’re currently trying to fill one thousand vacant officer positions across the state of California,” said CHP spokesperson Andrew Barclay.

But Barclay said that’s not all.

“We are hiring for much more than just officer positions,” Barclay said. “We are in need of professional staff here in our offices. We are in need of dispatchers in our communications centers.”

Being a statewide law enforcement agency, it is not uncommon for the CHP to have more openings than a local police department, but Officer Barclay said this number of open jobs can’t be attributed entirely to retirements.

“It’s kind of a lot of factors, whether they’re societal or economic. Another common example is when we see a booming private sector in a lot of areas. Typically, our applications will go down,” he said.

In addition to patrolling on the ground, there are special operations opportunities including the CHP’s air division, patrolling up above to keep drivers safe below.

“We have air operations units in every division office, that are comprised of helicopters, and airplanes. Our helicopters are staffed by a pilot, obviously, but also a flight officer paramedic. Something else to consider, if you’re going into that medical field,” he said.

The agency is devoting more resources to getting recruits into the academy and eventually, out onto the road.

“Because we know that we are trying to bring those thousand people in, we have increased our background investigators to help get those applicants through the process,” Barclay said.