NORTH BAY, Calif. (KRON) – The holiday weekend is upon us and law enforcement is encouraging everyone to do the right thing. Last year, more than 40 people lost their lives in DUI related incidents. KRON4 News reports on the California Highway Patrols effort to keep that number as low as possible.

Rolling out to protect the public, that’s the goal of the CHP over the next few days as the Fourth of July holiday shifts into gear.

CHP officer Custodio Lopez tells KRON4, “last year 43 people died due to DUI accidents.  997 were arrested.” CHP kicked off its maximum enforcement period at six o’clock Friday evening. And through the end of Monday, it’s all hands on deck.

Officer Lopez says, “we want everyone to do what they promised to do when they got their driver’s license, wear your seat belt, apply the laws, don’t drink and drive.

Officer Lopez says when he speaks to groups about traffic safety, he always asks this question: “do you want to pay 100 dollars or 18 thousand, most people say 100 dollars, and I explain 100 is for a taxi or rideshare, 18 thousand is for a DUI. You make the choice, do the right thing.”

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He adds that driving is a privilege not a right, “it is a privilege given to you and a promise so do what’s right, drive like you would want others to drive around your family.”

The officer says to also think about planning ahead, download a rideshare app, or designate a driver before heading to a BBQ, some steps with a big impact, to make sure everyone gets home safe.