CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Sticker shock in Christmas tree lots, inflation and supply chain issues are impacting holiday traditions. If you head to a tree lot before Christmas, you should expect higher prices.

Due to droughts and trees not growing fast enough, the American Christmas Tree Association says consumers can expect the price of a tree to be 10-15% higher this year in most parts of the country.

Santa’s Surplus Christmas Trees at the Sun Valley Mall in Concord has kept its prices the same as last year.

“We left all of our trees the same price, our flocking is actually all the same price,” said salesperson Robert Sutton.

Sutton works at the lot and says ownership chose to absorb the rising costs but says other lots have not been able to do the same.

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In fact, Sutton says fewer of them are operating around town. “We used to have here in the Concord area quite a few, lots around us, and now I notice there’s only one or two,” he said.

Tree farmers are struggling with inflation and the rising costs for fertilizer and other essential items for their businesses. That cost is being pushed to lots and consumers.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you can cut your own tree down, that’s one way to save money.

“Oh, to get out in nature, we tromp through the snow and hunt for a tree. It’s pretty,” says Erin Cooley who chopped down her tree.

But if you do not have the means to do it yourself, be prepared to spend more than $100 for a six-foot tree.