NOVATO, Calif. (KRON) — The Novato City Council is set to increase its local minimum wage effective July 1.

Starting in July, the minimum wage within the Novato city limits will increase based on business size to the following:

  • $13 per hour small businessess with 1-25 employees;
  • $14 per hour for large businesses with 26-99 employees; and
  • $15 per hour for very large businesses with 100 or more employees.

The Novato minimum wage applies to each employee who performs more than two hours of work in a particular week within city limits.

The local minimum wage increase comes as part of a phased approach allowing all employees in Novato to reach a $15 minimum wage one year earlier than California law requires.

In December of 2019, an official notice of the minimum wage increase was provided to local Novato businesses with their business license renewals.

The Official Novato Minimum Wage Notice is required to be posted in a visbible location to employees.

To learn more on the local Novato minimum wage increase click here.