SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Despite the heat, the City of San Jose is cleaning up a homeless camp near the San Jose International Airport. At least 300 people have been living at the site since the start of the pandemic, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared that people aren’t allowed to stay on the land because of safety concerns.

The FAA needs the area cleared for a buffer zone for incoming airplanes. Some residents say they are excited to leave.

“I’m kind of happy in a way. I don’t have to keep watching everybody else out here, in case they want to come by and steal something for you,” one resident of the encampment said.

Others like German Gomez, are not sure what to do next.

“A lot of people here were supposed to be given housing, and I’m still waiting and applied when we were on that side,” he said. 

KRON4 asked the city about where the residents will go. Daniel Lazo, San Jose’s public information manager, says they’ve provided 143 people with temporary or permanent housing.

“One-forty three is not enough, there are still people there though,” he said. “Yes, we’re continuing to work with our partners to have a thoughtful and engaging approach in that stage three area”

But with this week’s heat wave, Lazo says people will not have to leave if the temperature reaches a certain point.

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“At 88 degrees abatement will be paused for the remainder of the day but crews still may be working to remove trash until it reaches 95,” he said.

Everyone must be out of the encampment by the end of the month, regardless of where they will go next.