SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A 23-year-old San Francisco man has been identified as the person killed during an unpermitted extreme sporting event on Dolores Street on Friday.

“He was the most full of life guy I’ve ever met,” Jonathan Concool said.

That’s the roommate of the young man killed following an accident on Friday.

23-year-old Andrew Sanders recently graduated from SF State with a degree in art design.

A memorial for the bike riding enthusiast grows at the base of the hill where the fatal crash took place.

His friend Jonathan Concool says Sanders participated in what’s become an annual event, the Dolores Street Hill Bomb.

Video shows last year’s display and it consists mostly of skateboarders but Sanders went down on his fixed gear bicycle.

“They don’t have any breaks on them so he was basically skid stop. It’s dangerous. He lived life on the edge, he loved it, he loved the adrenaline,” Concool said.

The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the incident and says Sanders crashed after being hit by another skateboarder, who suffered non life threatening injuries.  

That wasn’t the only collision that police are investigating.

An hour later they were called to the same scene after another bicyclist crashed into a pedestrian.

The 27-year-old pedestrian was transported with life-threatening injuries. The bike rider took off before officers arrived.

It’s in the wake of these crashes that SFMTA has installed raised pavement markers to thwart reckless behavior.  

Sanders’ roommate says he respects what the city is doing and doesn’t want to see anything like the death of his friend happen again, but he’s not sure if these bumps will change anything.

“Putting speed bumps, I’m sure they’ll find another hill or whatever those types of guys, they love the adrenaline,” Concool said.

SFMTA Director Jeffery Tumlin tweeted out that he consulted with other skateboarders first before installing these markers and while he realizes skilled skateboarders can ollie over these dots, skilled skaters accept their own risks while protecting others.

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