OAKLAND (KRON) — People living on a narrow street in the Oakland hills soon may  not be able to park along the road.

The fire department says Heather Ridge Way is not wide enough for people to park their cars and safely get a fire truck through the street at the same time.

“This move to eliminate parking altogether seems like a little over reaction,” said Heather Ridge Way resident Daniel Matthews. 

It’s less than 20 feet wide and because of this, the City of Oakland says it can restrict parking on both sides of heather ridge way to give emergency vehicles enough room to drive through.

Right now, parking is allowed on certain parts of the street, but not for long.

and some residents are fighting back.

“I hate to argue to make this area less accessible for fire trucks because someday we may need them,” Matthews said. “But on the other hand, we live here and we have to maintain these houses and like to have people come over and visit. We can’t do that if there’s no parking.”

Homes along the street are mostly up on hills, with narrow, steep driveways. 

Some people don’t have a driveway or a garage at all and have nowhere to park except for on the street.

“If you eliminate parking, what are they gonna do?” Matthews said.

Fire crews say the road is insufficient and unacceptable with trucks unable to navigate up here safely during an emergency

“We hear the message coming from [residents,]” said Oakland Fire Deputy Chief Nick Luby. “We’re sensitive to it. It’s not a decision we make easily, but we also realize that we have a duty and responsibility to ensure public safety.”

Other neighbors though will do what they have to do in order to make sure emergency crews can access them should they need any help.

“When the fire dept says its too small for the trucks to get by then I think we need to come together and support the fire department and say we will work with you and we will get what you need us to do done,” said Heather Ridge Way resident Catherine Haley. 

The city says the no parking signs for both sides of the street will likely be posted sooner rather than later but no date has been set.