SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – Following the severe storm that hit the Bay Area, clean-up efforts continued on Monday. 

In Santa Rosa near Tachevah Drive and Neotomas Avenue, water flooded and damaged several properties which prompted some people to evacuate.

People living in this area say it’s definitely the worst damage in the neighborhood. The storm knocked down this fence, broke up some of the concrete out of the sidewalk, and water poured into several properties.

A neighbor tells KRON4, at one point the water covered their backyard and poured into their garage, damaging some of their work equipment.

“It was crazy. Thank you to the fire department of Santa Rosa for getting my mom and dad out because they wouldn’t let me back in,” Ron Morabito said. 

In all 40 years Ron Morabito’s lived here, he says he’s never seen it flood this badly.

Meanwhile, other neighbors sheltered at home.

“Like all day. We were laughing because we were, like stuck in our house. We couldn’t have anyone deliver us food. We can’t go out and get any food,” Katrina Davenport said. 

Katrina Davenport says the water never reached her front door but it did destroy her front yard.

“From the sidewalk to the front half of our yard is gone pretty much,” Davenport said. 

Meanwhile, others next to Lornadell Creek weren’t as lucky. 

A neighbor said the water reached several inches deep in their backyard and eventually poured into their garage, damaging some of their work equipment.

Several neighbors visited the area on Monday, all saying the same thing — That this is the worst flooding and damage they’ve seen here in as long as they can remember.

Despite how bad it was, they say they were relieved to finally see some heavy rain, as fires have been top of mind for the last few months.

Meanwhile, in Santa Cruz County, high winds brought down scores of trees in the mountains making for treacherous driving at times.

Glen Canyon Road is blocked and several homes were cut off after a large eucalyptus tree fell.

At the height of the storm, PG&E says as many as 9,000 customers were impacted.

About 3,000 residences in burn scar areas were under evacuation orders that were lifted Monday morning.

Clean-up was also underway in Petaluma near Lakeville Highway where some homes and at least one business were submerged in water.

Neighbors in the area spent the day on Monday, throwing away furniture that was ruined and cleaning up the mess.

The staff at M. Maselli Hardware store were mopping floors and drying out equipment with fans.

They haven’t experienced flooding for 30 years in this location.

The city’s director of Public Works said Sunday’s rain overwhelmed their system.