Cleanup underway in East Bay after rain damage

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — In Contra Costa County — trees are falling and mud is sliding down hills in the rain.

“We had an initial mudslide that came down, and as we were clearing the initial mudslide, we noticed that there are still loose rocks, so [that’s] what’s happening right now, and you can even see some of the hill, we have loose rocks that continue to comedown,” said Steve Padilla with Contra Costa Public Works.

And, when rocks fall to the ground on Marsh Creek Road, Contra Costa County Public Works Crews are using heavy equipment in Clayton to remove the boulders collecting in the ditch and putting them in bins, making room for more rocks to fall into the ditch, rather than the roadway.

“With more rain, more saturation. With more saturation, um, more slides like this can happen. So, we do anticipate it,” Padilla said.

At times, neighbors feeling anxious and angry with public works because they’re not allowed to pass through the barricades.

But public works adds that it doesn’t take much for one of those big boulders to come crashing down and, you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

“We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we’d rather inconvenience you and make sure you’re safe, than put you in harms way,” Padilla said.

And, in Danville, on Veda Drive oversaturation is also to blame for a 100-foot stone pine tree falling.

A certified arborist with Atlas Tree Service Steven Duncan says he just trimmed this tree a few weeks ago. He says it was leaning then, but that the tree was relatively healthy.

“Most of these roots are healthy. These are all clean — I did some digging in here,” Duncan said. “There’s a few that are damaged. This one down here is decayed — see with the white. This one’s decayed. But, overall, it looked pretty good.”

The tree landed on powers lines, but no cars, homes or any people.

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