So many gripping stories are coming out on this one-year anniversary of the North Bay Firestorm.

On Monday, KRON4 talked with a close-knit family that survived the Tubbs fire, just barely.

They lost their home and had to run for their lives, but they consider themselves some of the lucky ones.

Nora Blay, her son Curtis, and his girlfriend Kelly were together when the Tubbs fire came raging into their lives.

Nora’s face was burned so badly she’s had numerous skin grafts. Curtis’ arm was burned badly as he tried to help the women escape.

Nora’s home was burned to the ground, but she doesn’t see her family as victims. She says the fire has made them stronger. 

Nora is especially thankful to the burn unit at St. Francis Hospital for giving her the ability to smile again.

KRON4’s Vicki Liviakis spoke to the family.

Watch the above video to see Vicki’s full report.