SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Venerated long-time Upper Haight bar and music venue Club Deluxe is closing for good, according to a social media post Monday from an employee. Deluxe, which has operated in the neighborhood since 1989, was slated to close last summer due to a lease dispute between the venue and leasing company, Veritas Investment, which owns the building.

However, the club was saved following an all-day mediation between the club and the leasing company which was initiated by Supervisor Dean Preston, whose district the club is located in. Preston, who was once the co-owner of Cafe Du Nord on Market Street, reportedly brought both parties to City Hall for a six-and-a-half hour mediation, during which a deal was struck.

But according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the venue closed temporarily for renovations at the time and never reopened.

“So long, Club Deluxe,” wrote bar employee Joe Anderson in a social media post on Monday. “After serving San Francisco for 33 years, our beloved bar sadly won’t be returning folks.”

“If you’ve ever played/sang a note of music, danced, had a drink, or spent a single damn red cent in that place,” Anderson’s post continued, “I just wanted to say thank you, and that I’m grateful in more ways than you’ll ever imagine. I had a really killer time.”